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Public offer agreement


1.1. The following text is the Agreement between the online store, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller", and by the Buyer of the Goods of the online store, regardless of the status (individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur), hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer".

1.2. This Agreement determines the conditions for the purchase of the Seller's Products, hereinafter referred to as the "Product", by the Buyer through the Seller's online store.

1.3. The agreement is a public offer in accordance with Article 395 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1.4. In accordance with Article 395 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this offer agreement, which confirms the conclusion of the Agreement on the proposed conditions, is the fact that the Buyer pays for the cost of the goods ordered on the website of the online store (or in another way).

1.5. In this offer, unless the context requires otherwise, the terms below have the following meanings:

"Online store" - the Seller's website, created for the conclusion of contracts for the sale of the Goods, after the Buyer familiarizes himself with the Goods offered by the Seller in the photographs remotely.

"Seller" - So Cherry individual entrepreneur who sells the Goods.

"Goods" - products manufactured by the Seller (standard and according to individual orders of the Buyer), offered for sale by placing on the website

"Buyer" - an individual and / or legal entity making an Order on the website

"Recipient" - an individual and / or legal entity determined by the Buyer as the recipient of the ordered Goods.

"Acceptance" - full and unconditional acceptance by the Buyer of the terms of this Agreement.

"Order" - individual items from the assortment list of the Goods specified by the Buyer when placing an application on the website.

"Site" -


2.1. The Seller manufactures (sewing), sells and delivers the Goods in accordance with the current price list published on the Site, and the Buyer pays for and accepts the Goods in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.



3.1.1. Orders are accepted through the Site.

3.1.2. The cost of Delivery of the Goods to the Buyer is not included in the cost of the Goods. Shipping cost is paid by the Buyer separately. Delivery is carried out by one of the Courier Companies listed on the Site, on behalf of the Seller.

3.1.3. The cost of all types of delivery is indicated in the "Calculate delivery" section on the Seller's website. If the Buyer wants to carry out Delivery through a Courier Company, other than those specified on the Site, then the terms and cost of Delivery are discussed with the Site Administrator indicated on the Site through the WhatsApp messenger.

3.1.4. The order is considered accepted and the time for manufacturing (sewing) the Order starts from the moment the Seller receives a 100% advance payment for the Order. Sewing the Order, if it is not available, is carried out within 5 - 10 calendar days before transferring the Order to the Courier Company for delivery. If the Product is in stock, the transfer of the Delivery Order takes a maximum of 2 calendar days.

3.1.5. When placing an order, the Buyer must specify the Recipient's data as accurately as possible (name, phone number, e-mail of the Buyer and the Recipient, address and delivery time). Incorrect information provided by the Buyer may interfere with the execution of the Order at the specified time. In this case, the delivery is reissued with the correct data of the Recipient and a new delivery time.


3.2.1. Payment for the order means familiarization and consent of the Buyer to conclude this Agreement with the Seller.

3.2.2. The Buyer pays the cost of the Order under the Agreement by transferring money to the Seller's bank account. The date of payment is the day the money is received on the Seller's bank account.

3.2.3. The prices for any items of the Goods indicated on the Site are valid at the time of the Order.

3.2.4. The Buyer has the right to confirm or cancel the Order until the moment of payment.

3.2.5. Orders are accepted for execution only after receipt of money to the Seller's bank account.

3.2.6. A message about payment for the Order is sent to the Buyer to the email address specified by the Buyer when placing the Order. Services of payment systems, terminals, the Buyer pays in addition to the cost of the Goods.


3.3.1. When placing an Order, the Buyer must clearly indicate the requirements for its delivery (address and delivery time, choice of courier service). One Order can be placed on one date, time, address. If the Buyer needs to make several deliveries to different addresses or at different times to the same address, it is necessary to place the appropriate number of Orders.

3.3.2. Delivery of the Order can be carried out, if necessary, by prior agreement with the Recipient by phone, which is indicated by the Buyer in the Order.

3.3.3. On the day of the transfer of the Order to the Courier Service, the Seller sends the Buyer an e-mail notification about the new status of the Order and a track number for tracking delivery.

3.3.4. The Buyer can cancel the Order or make changes to the Order no later than 24 hours after placing (paying) the Order. Cancellation or change of the Order is not possible after the specified period.


3.4.1. Orders on holidays and weekends are accepted by the Seller, but the delivery of such Goods is carried out by Courier Companies on weekdays. Delivery times of Orders by Courier Companies are significantly lengthened on the pre-holiday days (possibly 2 - 3 times from the dates indicated on the website).


4.1. The lead time for the order at the production stage is 5 - 10 days. The delivery time of the Goods depends on the work of the Courier Company (weather conditions, congestion on holidays, etc.), and does not depend on the Seller.

4.2. In the event that the Seller violated the production time of the Goods for more than 1 (one) calendar day, the Buyer has the right to refuse the Order and receive a refund of the amount paid for the Order (except for the cost of delivery).

4.3. The order is considered completed at the time of its transfer to the Recipient / Buyer and / or his authorized representatives.

4.4. The agreement between the Seller and the Buyer is valid from the moment of its conclusion until the delivery of the Order to the Recipient / Buyer or his authorized representatives.


5.1. The Seller creates an Order in accordance with the requirements of the Buyer.

5.2. If the appearance of the Product differs from the image on the Seller's website, this cannot be considered a defect or a reason for a refund or replacement of the Order.

5.3. All information materials presented on the Site are for reference purposes and cannot fully convey reliable information about certain properties and characteristics of the Goods. If the Buyer has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, before placing an order, he needs to contact the administrator of the online store by phone for advice, or send a request to the site according to the usual ordering procedure.


6.1. The goods are accepted for return and exchange, sewn according to the standard size chart of the Seller. Products tailored to the individual orders of the Buyer are NOT RETURNED or EXCHANGEABLE.

6.2. Only new Products with all labels, labels, dirt, damage and signs of wear are subject to return and exchange. In this case, the cost of delivery for the return and exchange of the Goods is borne by the Buyer independently.

6.3. Return or exchange of the Goods is allowed within 14 calendar days after receiving the Goods.

6.4. Refunds or replacement of the Product is made only if all attached labels and labels are available after receiving the returned Product and checking for dirt, defects and / or other signs of wear.

6.5. The Seller reserves the right to make a refund, either partially, or refuse to return, if, after verification, the Product has any acquired defects and / or signs of wearing requiring mechanical / chemical processing.

6.6. The seller considers complaints within the period necessary for the examination, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Seller informs about the results of the consideration of the complaint electronically.

6.7. The warranty period for the Goods is 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the Goods by the Buyer.


7.1. The seller is the sole legal owner of the So Cherry trademark. Any use of the So Cherry trademark without the consent of the Seller is unacceptable and the Seller reserves the right to any remedy against all / any violations of its trademark rights under the applicable law.

7.2. For the legitimate use of the So Cherry trademark, including but not limited to: applying it to any product, sign, label, patch, tag or other item attached to the product, storing such product with the indicated sign for sale, offering it for sale, selling , import (import) and export (export), its application in business documents or in advertising, and on the Internet, including in domain names, you must obtain a separate permission from the Seller.

7.3. The Seller is the owner of exclusive property and non-property rights to any photographic works, graphic images of the Products on the Site, as well as to the Product itself.


8.1. The Buyer's acceptance of the Offer is a confirmation of the conclusion of the Agreement on the terms of the Offer.

8.2. The Agreement enters into force from the moment the Buyer pays for the Order and is valid until the Parties fulfill their obligations under this Agreement.

8.3. The Seller has the right to amend the text of this Agreement at its own discretion at any time and without prior notice to the Buyer. The current (current) version of the Agreement is always available on the Website and the Buyer undertakes to independently monitor the relevance of the Agreement.

8.4. The Buyer agrees and acknowledges that making changes to the Offer entails the introduction of these changes into the Agreement concluded and in force between the Buyer and the Seller, and these changes in the Agreement come into force with such changes in the Offer.


9.1. The Seller guarantees the secrecy of the information that the Buyer indicates during registration or when placing an order.

9.2. The seller guarantees that personal data will not be used for selfish or illegal purposes, on third-party resources.

9.3. When placing an order, the Buyer agrees to the processing of his personal data, which are stored in the Seller's database solely for identifying the Buyer / Recipient upon repeated orders, and for their correct execution. If the Buyer refuses, the Seller will not be able to properly process the order.


10.1. The Seller bears all risks associated with the loss or damage of the Goods until they are handed over to the Courier Company.

10.2. The Recipient or the one who accepted the Goods at the time of the Recipient's absence bears all risks associated with the loss or damage of the Goods from the moment of its acceptance.

10.3. The seller has the right to transfer his rights and obligations to fulfill orders to third parties without being relieved of responsibility.

10.4. The Seller is not responsible for the consequences caused by improper care of the Product that does not comply with the Care Recommendations specified by the Seller:

- on the site,

- on the inner label of the Goods, sewn into the side seam,

- on the paper label of the Goods attached to the label at the neck,

- on the care sheet for the Goods enclosed in the Delivery Package.

10.5. The responsibility of the Parties in other cases is determined in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

10.6. The parties agree that any disputable situations, the solution of which could not be reached through negotiations, are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Beneficiary bank: JSC "KASPI BANK"


BIN: 860528400661

Account number KZT: KZ64722S000001973513

KBe: 19
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