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- STYLE and FEMINITY. SoCherry dresses ... are feminine details, soft lines, cute "zest" - everything that is ETERNAL in fashion! And all this fits perfectly on any figure and any size!

- SIMPLICITY, RELIABILITY and VARIABILITY. SoCherry dresses ... are a Noble Simplicity that allows our Cherries to wear them wherever they go, creating a variety of looks, complementing them with various accessories.
SoCherry dresses ..., for example, can be worn with or without a belt, in loose and fitted versions, with different fastening options ... And also, we produce popular models from light and warm fabrics for any season of the year.

- COMFORT and PRACTICALITY. The patterns of SoCherry products ...
are worked out to perfection and allow our Cherries to feel that the Dress was created especially for her! Perfect fit + high quality + natural fabrics = Super Comfortable Dress! A well-thought-out color scheme and bright colors of SoCherry dresses ... easily raise your mood and make life more colorful and positive!
Once upon a time, in the distant, ancient times, when I did not have my own sewing brand, I, just like you, tormented in search of well-fitting, feminine, high-quality dresses. I clearly remember these torments: the dress fits well, but the length is not the right one, or the length is right, but the fabric is synthetic, not pleasant to the body and causes irritation, or, it seems that everything is fine in design, but some details seem to be superfluous, or, well everything is cool: both the fabric and the model, and it fits well, BUT it is badly sewn.

And now, after many fears and doubts, I started my own business.

After I sold almost everything on the very first appearance of my first clothing line, I realized that I was not the only one who suffered. It turns out that a lot of women are looking for a beautiful, solid, comfortable Dress that will make her admire herself in the mirror.

THEREFORE, our philosophy is simple and patriotic: in the modern sea of inaccessible-expensive, too designer, pretentious, pretentious and inconvenient for everyday wearing outfits and affordable dresses from the mass market, but due to low quality, often enough for only one season, we We give our Women the opportunity to be Feminine, Stylish, Modern and Poetic every day in beautiful, comfortable, high-quality, perfectly fitting dresses!
And as soon as I started working with different women, I immediately realized how acute the problem of choosing dresses for non-standard figures is. Women with figures that do not fit the modern standard, all their lives are in search of a suitable brand, atelier, or they accept the fact that most of the mass-market stores are simply bypassed, resigning themselves to a far from ideal sitting choice!

THEREFORE, we choose BODY POSITIVE. We want Women with non-standard shapes to put down bag dresses and feel graceful and light, open up, gain wings in beautiful SoCherry dresses ... Moreover, at the request of our clients, we adapt our products to individual characteristics! Therefore, I say: I Love Women! I Make Dresses perfectly fitting on your unique figures!
And how my friend, who was waiting for her baby, complained that in stores for pregnant women there were only tracksuits, knitted bag dresses or insanely expensive Western brands of clothing for pregnant women. And that it is simply impossible to find a beautiful dress at an affordable price, so that during pregnancy, and during the period of feeding and after, you could wear a dress and be happy, look feminine and relevant!

THEREFORE, we create dresses in which a woman, in anticipation of her Miracle, continues to lead an active social life, while feeling Beautiful and Elegant, she fully participates in any events and activities at will. And after the birth of the baby, and even after the feeding period, she continues to wear SoCherry dresses with ease ... and she feels 100%!

After all, we believe that the state of Pregnancy and Feeding is the natural state of a Woman! And it is important that a woman's wardrobe at any time can easily adapt to these significant periods.
I am glad that now, finally, the world has woken up and realized where and how mass-market brands sew their collections! What's in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc. illegally poor children, instead of getting an education, having just given birth to mothers, instead of taking care of their babies, old people, instead of deservedly resting or working for a fair remuneration, for $ 10 a month they sit for days in basements and they sew clothes, which then the wealthy citizens of the modern world buy for tens and hundreds of $$$ and throw them away after a few months.

THEREFORE, we choose FAIR TREATMENT TO EMPLOYEES. We value and maintain a friendly and creative atmosphere in our Team. Our Team consists of high-class specialists. The Production process organized by us brings satisfaction not only to our Clients, but also to Employees who work in comfortable, safe conditions in a spacious, bright, beautiful room and receive fair remuneration.
Everyone already knows, and we realize what colossal damage humanity causes to our beautiful planet by its excessive consumption! Trends are rapidly replacing each other. Yesterday, a fashionable dress, today is ruthlessly thrown into the trash, and the damage to the environment caused by the manufacture of fabrics and accessories for this dress will poison, and so already depleted natural resources, for many years to come! You can't even imagine how many dyes from fabrics merge into rivers and seas simply because it is no longer fashionable!

THEREFORE, we are ECO FRIENDLY. We manufacture products from natural high quality fabrics or with a minimum content of synthetic fibers, which do NOT pollute the environment by decomposition. We use organic packaging materials that are 100% biodegradable in 2 years. Also, the high quality, classic, timeless design of SoCherry products ... allows you to wear dresses and stay stylish for many years, which means it is wise to consume resources and energy!
It is always important to me how well the Dress is sewn! Indeed, in a perfectly sewn product you feel EXCELLENT! But each of us, like a Princess, deserves to wear a high-quality dress, worked out to the smallest detail!

And for my Clients I create such dresses and of such quality that I wear with pleasure myself!

THEREFORE, we stand for Honest Treatment of Clients. Our company has adopted a Zero Marriage Tolerance.

This means that our Products:
• developed by the best designers, bringing the patterns to perfection,
• are sewn by professional highly qualified seamstresses,
• undergo 100% 3-stage Quality Control by QC specialists.

This allows us to produce high quality products.

At the same time, the prices for SoCherry ... products are mid-market and affordable for the middle class.
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